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OncoVet was born as the first specialized veterinary oncology service in Catalonia to treat cancer in pets. Our service has the first and only qualified specialist in Veterinary Oncology that practices exclusively in Catalonia. OncoVet is localized at the Hospital Veterinari Glòries of Barcelona and has the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools in veterinary medicine such as CT, ultrasound, highly equipped operating rooms, hospitalization, etc., as well as a team of highly qualified professionals to deal with challenging clinical cases.


The philosophy of OncoVet is to make available the cutting edge knowledge and technology available in the field of veterinary oncology. First, to improve the quality of life of pets suffering from cancer and, at the same time, to increase their life expectancy. Currently, veterinary medicine allows successfully treat a large number of tumors in dogs and cats combining different strategies such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and electrochemotherapy, among many others techniques.


OncoVet offers a comprehensive and highly specialized multidisciplinary service, equipped to provide the best care for pets diagnosed with cancer of any origin.

OncoVet was born as the first specialized veterinary oncology service in Catalonia to treat cancer in pets
Nuestro especialista
Our Specialist

Dr. Ignasi Rodríguez Pizà is the only diplomate in Veterinary Oncology who practices permanently in Catalonia. Ignasi Rodríguez graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2003 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​being the first of its class. Shortly after finishing the degree he combined his work as a general practitioner with the studies of the prestigious Master in Assisted Reproduction at the Institut Universitari Dexeus. Dr. Rodríguez continued his career by starting a PhD at the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine where he published several scientific articles in the most prestigious journals in the world, such as Nature. After completing his PhD with honours (cum laude), Ignasi returns to the field of veterinary medicine while preparing his trip to the United Kingdom where he will train to become a specialist in Oncology. In 2014 he moved to London to do an oncology internship at the Royal Veterinary College. During the first year, Ignasi obtained a position as a resident in Oncology in the same institution under the tutelage of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM). After passing the exams in the first call in July 2018, he obtained his ACVIM certificate in Veterinary Oncology, of great international prestige

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Our specialist

Dr. Ignasi Rodríguez

Ldo. Veterinaria, PhD, MVetMEd, Diplomado Americano en Oncología (ACVIM-Oncology)

What is a veterinary specialist?

At present, the colleges of veterinary specialists are grouped mainly at the European level and at the American level as two independent institutions. Both schools are responsible for establishing the standards of quality for specialty programs...

Información propietario vet
Peeping amasado

Information for pets owners.

OncoVet is a referral service for pets diagnosed with cancer. The term "referral service" means that only cases that have been previously evaluated by your veterinarian and have a diagnosis with cancer or there is a high suspicion are accepted. OncoVet will maintain a close relationship with your referring veterinarian to obtain all available information and thus not repeat unnecessary tests. Once the treatment plan and/or monitoring of the pet is established, we will coordinate with your veterinarian so we optimise resources, time and commuting minimizing stress for the pet and costs.


If you do not have a primary care veterinarian, you can contact us and we will help you find a veterinary center near your place of residence with which we can establish a close and trustworthy professional relationship.

93 246 08 05

nuestra clinica

Our headquarters

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OncoVet is located in the Hospital Veterinari Glòries (HVG) of Barcelona. Despite functioning as separate services, the close collaboration between OncoVet and the hospital staff guarantees excellent care for the referred patients.


The HVG has an exceptional veterinary team coordinated by Dr. Mireia Fernández, a specialist in Internal Medicine, by the European College of Specialists (ECVIM). The HVG also has highly qualified veterinarians in the field of imaging and surgery.


The HVG also has advanced imaging equipment including a CT scanner that allows high precision studies in veterinary oncology necessary for tumor staging (search for tumor metastasis) and surgical planning.

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Av. Diagonal 237 local

Tel:  932460805

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8:30 AM - 17:00 PM

Monday - Thursday

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